Inkluzivni pokret

Dizajn za sve

”European Challenge”

dsc01421European Challenge has been a seven-day training which took place in Belgrade, Serbia from 29th Oct. to 6th Nov. 2012. The training has been organized by Inkluzivni pokret which also was hosting organization. The participants were 31 youth workers, youth leaders or civil servants who actively work in youth organizations or youth services, from Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia, Croatia and Serbia. The training aims to explore and analyze inclusive youth work and the potential of international youth projects in achieving inclusion through youth entrepreneurship.

The Objectives are: to share methods and approaches of youth inclusion, look at the reality of unemployment and inclusion youth work in different European and SEE countries, share real life experiences and good practices in this field with international colleagues, bring a clear view on the possibilities in the Youth in Action programme in inclusion, establish new partnerships for the improvement of quality in international youth work and develop project ideas into concrete plans. The training is based on learning by participation methodology and non formal learning methods (work in small groups, discussions, role plays etc). It is expected to assist individuals to develop their skills by experiencing activities in a safe and friendly atmosphere at the workshop. The participants will be able to transfer on their own turn the new skills in their life and act as multipliers in the broad community.

Beside workshops the participants had possibility to visit examples of good practice of pupils companies in Medicine School, to see presentation of Junior Achievement Serbia organization which aim is to educate and inspire youth in entrepreneurship, economics and in business; to visit Info Room and see presentation of Youth Office Belgrade City Government of Belgrade organization; to visit organization Living Together, association for mentally challenged peoples and to work on their own ideas for future projects.

“With the support of the Youth in Action of the European Union”