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Explore Entrepreneurship

Hello dear friends,

Inkluzivni pokret successfully organized the youth exchange Explore Entrepreneurship. The project gathered 26 young people from Serbia, Italy and Germany in Belgrade from the 19th to the 25th of August 2022. During the project, we learned about entrepreneurship through non-formal education methods.

Young people developed a set of personal skills like leadership, problem-solving, time management skills, decision-making, and self-motivation which are important not only for entrepreneurship but as well for active participation in democratic life and environmental protection. As well as we discussed Erasmus+ Programme and the opportunities which European Union is giving to young entrepreneurs.

After the youth exchange participants returned home and organized local workshops to share the knowledge gained on the project. 222 young people from Serbia, Italy and Germany participated in local workshops. The project was supported by the Erasmus+ program and Serbian National Agency Tempus.

During the youth exchange, we explored different aspects of entrepreneurship and had guests who contributed to the learning process. Neven Marinović presented the work of Smart Kolektiv and the difference between social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship. As well shared with participants his experience in working with socially responsible companies and his work on projects. Milica Nikolić shared her experience about stress on the job.

We organized online promotive activity International Youth Day on the 12th of August 2022 to promote the project and our work. 15 participants participated in our activity.

This was an international project with partners from Italy, Sikanie organization and Germany, ZSD organization. They selected 7 participants and one youth leader and prepare them for the youth exchange. Participants prepared workshops which had been presented during the youth exchange. Some of the topics we covered are entrepreneurship, sales, leadership, and team building but as well as modern topics such as artificial intelligence, cyber security and Erasmus for Youth Entrepreneurs EU programme for entrepreneurs. After returning home, participants organized local workshops to inform the local youngsters about the project and to share their knowledge gained during the youth exchange. 87 youngsters from Italy participants in the local activities, 87 form Serbia and 47 form Germany.

Here is the link to the video which has been created by Laila: