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Explore Entrepreneurship

Hello dear friends,

Inkluzivni pokret is organizing the youth exchange Explore Entrepreneurship from 19-26 August 2022. We are happy to meet you in Belgrade.

The main goal of the project is to connect, engage and empower 21 young people from Serbia, Italy and Germany on entrepreneurship through non-formal education as a way to combat youth unemployment and promote active participation in democratic life. In order to address the issues and needs of organisations, youth and their local communities as well as to reach its goal the project has the following objectives:

Objectives are:

  • To develop a set of personal skills like leadership, problem-solving, time management skills, decision making, and self-motivation which are important not only for entrepreneurship but as well for active participation in democratic life and environment protection;
  •  Promote Erasmus+ Programme and identify available resources for young entrepreneurs

During the project, we will explore different aspects of entrepreneurship and visit examples of good practices, as well as try to develop personal ideas into concrete business. We will try to develop a general awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship in modern society and see which strategies we can use to improve the quality of our life. Partners on the project are ZSD from Germany and Sikanie organization from Italy. The project has been supported by the European Commission Erasmus+ programme and this is our first youth exchange.

On this link, you can find more information related to the project

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