Inkluzivni pokret

Dizajn za sve

International Youth Exchange European Celebration

Inkluzivni pokret (Inclusive Movement) is looking for 8 participants that will participate in project “YE European Celebrations”. The project “YE European Celebrations” will take place in Struga, Macedonia 2nd February 2011 – 10th February 2011 in duration of 8 days. Partner organizations are: Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia. Working language is English.

The project is dealing with dance choreography as a tool for “reading the body and reading the world“. The project will be exploration of the aesthetic as the mode of self‐understanding and critical social awareness. The aim of this youth exchange is to draw choreography how young people see poverty and marginalized groups in their countries and how they see inclusion in mainstream society. Participants will use dance from national popular cultures as ICL methods to present gravity or how people in poverty and in excluded social groups live in their countries and how they see poverty and social excluded groups through dance. Each group is consisted of 8 participants + 1 group leader, participants should be between 18
‐25 years old, this is a project that would have a dance as a centre point. Preferable we would be glad to have participants that are dancers and that have traditional dancing costumes. We encourage young people coming from minority; young people facing low living standard or a dependant on the social welfare system; youth with health problems; young people coming from rural areas of the country, LGTB or young people from Roma community to participate in this project.

Accommodation, food and 70% of travel cost are covered by our partners form Macedonia organization Centre for rural development SEE.

If you are interested participate in this project send application form till 28th November 2011. on e‐mail address